Our vision is to become the first choice company for the local work force.

Our Human Resources Mission

To recognise the poeple who make a difference in a competitive market and raise the levels of expectation in employees. To continually improve relations between the company and employees.

Human Resources Policy

Our underlying stratergy for our human resources policy is the quality of guidance provided to our employees. To promote the company’s core values and culture. In other words our legacy. All employees are aware of this policy and new personnel are trained in this way.

Principles of Human Recources

“To encourage a family environment”
“For employees to be productive and innovative
“To produce dynamic, proactive, hard working employees”
“To allow employees to develope themselves as well as their positions within the company”
“To adopt the method of internal promotion”
“To invest in all aspects of human recources”
“Continuous traning and developement programs”
“To meet problems head on, solve them and learn from them”
“Promote a good team spirit”

Corporate Values

We aim to always be the best in our area and strive to meet new heights.

Individual Innitiative

To promote individual initiative within the company in a customer focused environment. Everybodies job is improtant to ensure a quality product and service to our customers.

Customer Focus
To provide a partnership to our customer base ensuring the correct product solutions and after sales service. To provide a flexible service to match all customer requirements.

The company actively promotes mutaul trust and honesty between employees, customers and shareholders striving to make the TEMPA PANO name synonymous with fairness and honesty.